Help make a city where everyone can walk and cycle safely and happily.

Imagine a truly Liveable London. A city where:

  • It’s enjoyable to walk and cycle your local trips
  • You can breathe fresh air on streets free from congestion
  • Children can safely roam, and walk and cycle to school
  • There are relaxing places to stop, rest and talk to your neighbours

Your local council can have a big impact on your streets. They can help create places where our families, friends and communities are put first, and where motor traffic, pollution and congestion don’t dominate our streets. Where everyone can live well, breathe easy, walk and cycle safely and happily.

With the council elections at the start of May, now is the moment to tell your next council leader you want them to help bring your borough to life.

Tell your candidates that you want a more Liveable London.

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Letter to candidates

Below is a suggested letter to send to your candidates, but do personalise the letter with your experiences and hopes for your area, to give the letter even more impact.

The potential future council leaders that you will be emailing are:


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To make sure those candidates hear loud and clear that we all want a more Liveable London, spread the word, and ask your friends and neighbours to email their candidates today: